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The lives only half-lived, the subtle nuances of growing love, and two stunning performances are what lands this duo as one of the best movie couples of recent decades.From a 1940s classic, to officially the HOTTEST SCREEN KISS EVER, we’ve rounded up our 10 best movie couples of all time. It may have been a relationship doomed from the start (spoiler alert: the ship sinks) but iconic movie couples don’t come much more memorable than an uptight, corseted Rose De Witt-Bukater (Kate Winslet) who falls for penniless third-class passenger, Jack Dawson (Leonardo Di Caprio) on board the fated Titanic.Their romance is forbidden due to class barriers and her imminent engagement to controlling ego maniac, Cal (Billy Zane) but that only adds to the illicit excitement of this all-time great on-screen love affair.This slice of movie perfection can also single-handedly claim to have rebranded pottery for the better.

, the first time we met Ryan Gosling was when he charmed his way into our hearts – and that of Allie (Rachel Mc Adams) – playing Noah, the mysterious and rugged handy man who would stop at nothing to win her heart.

Empowering and moving in equal measures, with a shopping spree to end all movie shopping sprees. ) yet the romance plays on from beyond the grave as ghost Sam continues to intervene and protect his Molly from harm.