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The fact that Cam found it at all remarkable that she was able to ask him an informed question, per her job description, is sexism at its most at hand and that was the sexism displayed by Cam.They maintained that discussing Rodrigue’s racism was deflecting from the point, and some even argued that it was sexist in itself, proving once again that they can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.I, for one, am very tired of having this same conversations about men’s trash behavior, and one of the trash things that they seem most intent on holding on to is using the word “female” in place of “woman” no matter how many times they’ve been told/asked that is, when they are not blatant sexual harassment.But regardless of Cam’s intentions, at the root of his “complement” is his belief that women are incapable, perhaps because of our tiny woman brains, of grasping the complexities of the great American game of football.We shouldn’t be seen as traitors by one group or the other.But we are.disproportionately punished for their wrongdoings, that does not mean they can do no wrong.And the punishment Cam is facing is not exactly inappropriate.What his supporters are asking for is not equity and justice.

And that fact has led to a lot of grievances between police and minority communities in the past few years, particularly with the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement.

They are asking for him to not be held accountable for his actions.

To say that Cam should not have been reprimanded because hi white counterparts were. This attitude suggests that, because the powers that be have consistently failed at protecting the women that Cam’s white colleagues have harmed, then the women that Cam might insult and offend should not be protected either.

Black women, once again, were left out in the cold as the battle of racism vs. No other group of people in the world are ever asked to choose one of their intersectional identities over the other more than Black women (especially those who happen also to be Queer), and that is exactly what has been asked of us in this situation.

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It didn’t take long before caped crusaders emerge from every corner of the internet to assemble in order to defend, not just Cam, but sexism in general.

It reinforces the idea that misconduct committed against women isn’t really misconduct at all It’s imperative that all men are held accountable for their violence against women.