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25-Sep-2017 10:38

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I was not naïve when I entered the Tri Be Ca studio of “The Breakfast Club,” a hip-hop radio show that bills itself as “the world’s most dangerous morning show,” hosted by Angela Yee, Charlamagne tha God, and DJ Envy, on July 18.I had watched previous interviews over the years and was familiar with their provocative and oftentimes problematic brand of talk.Yet I was hopeful that I could use the show’s vast platform to speak directly to their predominantly black and Latinx listeners, who are often excluded from the conversations held in mainstream LGBT spaces (which are largely white, moneyed, and concerned with the centering of cis folk).

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Trans folk, especially of color, should not be obligated to help cis folk play catch-up on our experiences.

For instance, I remembered their interview with trans dancer and online personality Sidney Starr in 2013, and I recalled many times when they derogatorily used the term “tranny” with casual disdain.