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North of the river and south of Fourth Avenue was the province of ponderosa pines and wildflowers.Almost all of the businesses were clustered within two blocks of the intersection of Riverside Avenue and Howard Street.1910s: Now a new problem arose, which plagues downtown to this day: parking.Autos became commonplace and no one knew exactly how to accommodate them.The man driving the truck, identified as Bowerman, told authorities his truck’s damage was sustained earlier in the day while parked at a Garth Brooks concert, according to the police report.When Bowerman was asked what he was doing Saturday night, he told officers he was in Hayden with a woman he’d met on a dating site.

1890s: Yet the fire was also responsible for an astonishing downtown rebirth. This time, they built in more substantial ways – taller, and with brick.This launched the gradual transition of downtown from a place where most people lived, to a place where most people commuted. At the beginning of the decade, Spokane’s population was 36,848. This boom was reflected in a bustling, crowded downtown, jammed with massive brick department stores, office buildings and banks.