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The poorer women seemed to notice that their wealthier dorm-mates were more sexual, but felt they couldn’t get away with being similarly libertine.The wealthier women, meanwhile, seemed unfazed by accusations of sluttiness if they came from their lower-status peers.Each group tended to band together, with the poorer half feeling excluded from Greek life and other high-status social activities.Several of the low-income students, for example, balked at the cost of the "rush" t-shirt, Armstrong said.The rich women tended to view casual sex as problematic only when it was done outside of steady relationships, and even then, only when it included vaginal intercourse.Meanwhile, frequent “hooking up,” which to them included kissing and oral sex, did not a slut make.“I think when people have sex with of guys that aren’t their boyfriends, that’s really a slut,” as one put it.The poorer women, by contrast, were unaware that “hooking up,” in the parlance of the rich women, excluded vaginal intercourse.

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“And a rich woman, Chelsea, said something like, ‘Oh, you're such a slut yourself, you shouldn't be calling her out.’ It was supposed to be a joke, but it misfired and [Stacey] ran crying from the room.”A series of emissaries were sent up and down the hall in an attempt to make amends, but the damage had been done.

but also by how much debt they carried, how much financial assistance they could expect from their parents, their social networks, and their financial prospects.”But in the process, they began to notice that the women’s attitudes about sex were also influenced by their families’ incomes.

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