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08-Apr-2018 04:26

We have most Premier League teams now, and the Osborne Park is missing a few people from last season.

Not sure when this actually happened, but it will be his first game in PL side of Kardinya this week.There are some handy 2nd division sides this season in Blue divisions, might be an interesting comp to keep an eye on this year have lost a couple of players leading in to this season, and very handy players they are too.Whilst Daniel Brown hasn't 100% made up his mind, at this stage he and good mate Daniel Trewhella will spend the Summer fishing and making sporadic appearances in State Events and maybe some pennant games.have welcomed former player Bruce Urquhart, or Buffy back on to their playing roster for the remainder of the season.

I don't really know when he last played pennants and the even longer for a full season but he is a quality player and for the team currently sitting 3rd to welcome a player of his calibre in to line up improves their chances of finals action no end.

With no ins of note I think they have gone from certs to play finals to now sit with a number of teams in the mix.