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15-Jun-2018 06:13

Think back to your local shop where the owner is able to deal with you personally, and even second guess what you want.

‘Progress’ then meant a supermarket, where you navigate the aisles yourself.

He won two Oscars, in 20, for his work creating lifelike CGI facial animation in films including Jackson’s .

Among his achievements was codeveloping a system called Light Stage that scans a human face and body in extreme detail, with lighting from multiple angles, in order to create lifelike 3D models.

The application of clever cognitive systems seems obvious for ZUMATA.

It crunches data, sorts it out, makes it more meaningful.

Bots take this a stage further, and in fact a stage closer to that early situation of being with a local shop owner who knows you personally.

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Before founding Soul Machines in 2016, engineer Mark Sagar was a movie special effects guru at outfits like Sony Pictures and Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital.

self-driving cars (even ones that strike up conversations with you): so far, so familiar.