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'To put this all into perspective, Jim Chapman, who recently teamed with his beauty vlogger fiancé Tanya Burr to video blog for Mulberry, pulls in more views per month from UK women aged 18 to 34 than the combined readership of Grazia, Vogue and Red, which is huge.' Niomi, 24, was working as a shop assistant after finishing university and was introduced to all things vlogging by Marcus.

She would often feature in his videos and decided to set up her own - and has rapidly risen in the You Tube ranks ever since.

'For a top tier vlogger, you are looking at anything from £20,000 to £50,000 for a five minute video.

Charmer Nigel Havers wanted to punch him after they fell out in the I’m A Celeb jungle.

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Zoella's boyfriend, Alfie Deyes, isn't doing too badly either.The names Zoella Sugg and Alfie Deyes, Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman, Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler and The Saccone-Jolys may not necessarily be familiar, but their faces are watched by hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis.From music and films, books and TV, and fashion and beauty, these are Britain's most influential vloggers - video bloggers - who have turned their You Tube hobby into a multi-million pound money-making machine.When the products went on sale exclusively on, they had the biggest waiting list the site has had Christian Howes, Head of Data at Albion Cell, commented: 'Vloggers are dominating because people can relate to them far more than traditional celebrities.

Relatability is key - anyone with a camera can do it, which makes them much more relevant.'I think the world of You Tube is amazing in that you can feel like you're hanging out with your girlfriends just by watching a video.

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