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15-Jun-2018 03:57

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Rihanna has also been linked to reality TV star Rob Kardashian (pictures, bottom right), baseball player Matt Kemp, rockstar Travis Barker, actor Ryan Phillippe (pictures, bottom left), basketball player Andrew Bynum, boxer Dudley O' Shaughnessy, rapper Meek Mill, actor Colin Farrell, singer Justin Timberlake, rapper Kanye West, high School Musical star Zac Efron, and even Nicki Minaj!

So apparently Mila Kunis is turning into a real wicked witch when it comes to her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher. Even if they did get this tip from a source they deemed somewhat credible, this story just does not ring true.

The actress has ruffled so many feathers that only a few daring filmmakers will even think of hiring her.” 15.

Angelina Jolie: “It’s been nine years and six children since Angelina and Brad Pitt got together, breaking up his marriage with Jennifer Aniston in the process.

The Breakthrough Prize honors top achievements in the fields of physics, life sciences and mathematics.

Morgan Freeman hosted the event, which featured a performance by Wiz Khalifa.

” Whatever, they’re great songs and those dudes were fuckos! After Tina Fey made a lighthearted quip about her boy-crazy rep, Taylor responded by saying ‘There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.'” OMG, she was like just quoting Katie Couric! when he butted heads with costar Alec Baldwin.” 16.

Lindsay Lohan: “Mix ridiculously entitled on-set behavior with utter unreliability and you’ve got Lindsay.

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Jay Leno: “After giving up the reins of in 2009, Jay wormed his way back in, humiliating new host Conan O’Brien in the process.If Rihanna is really being offered a cameo on a sitcom Ashton is affiliated with, his jealous girlfriend can’t just stop business like that. Plus everybody knows Rihanna is too busy bouncing back and forth between rappers, most recently being seen cuddled up with Drake in Paris.