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‘Your Dog In Heat’ is a complete guide to the female dog heat cycle and the care of a female dog while she is in season. ” are common questions asked by female Labrador owners. Managing your Labrador in season is an important responsibility, but with a little knowledge and planning, your dog’s time in heat shouldn’t have to cause you too many problems.

If your female puppy is nearing maturity and hasn’t been neutered, she is about to undergo some changes. Girl dogs don’t have a monthly periods or bleed in the same way that human females do.

False pregnancy and infections of the uterus (pyometra) are very common during this period.

At the end of dioestrus your girl’s hormones fall and she returns to anoestrus again, until the next season comes along.

These could include increased sleepiness, or her showing more of an inclination to ‘be together’.

You’ll probably see some pink staining if she is on heat, even if she is keeping herself pretty clean You might notice a slight change in her temperament in the few days before you see any physical signs that your girl is coming into season.Others will be more excitable than normal in response to the changes in estrogen.They may also show some odd behavior, such as cocking a leg to pee in the manner of a male dog.Although variations in heat cycles is normal, it is a good idea to chat to your vet if your girl’s heat cycles are very different from the average six monthly interval, and especially if they suddenly change to a new pattern.

This is just a precaution in case there is an underlying health issue that needs looking at Before we look at what to expect when your dog is in heat, you might find it helpful to understand how the dog heat cycle works.Bleeding a natural part of a dog’s reproductive cycle but only takes place on average twice each year.