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28-Oct-2017 05:37

Of course, tourists should also act according to these laws, even if for the most of us, it might be “just a religion”.

For the government it is the law, the truth, a duty.

), but you will get more confident with the time and will get a feeling for the situation.

Most of the younger Persian women also are very easy in wearing their hijabs. As I said, in most places there is no problem to wear it loose.

Just like anywhere else, nearly every younger woman in Iran is totally into fashion, so it is no wonder that you can see many very well-dressed girls on the street.

However, whether hip or not hip, it’s a fact that you need a long dress you can wear in public.

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In the beginning of my Iran backpacking trip I always took care of not showing too many hair (blond – OMG!!!In any case, I would recommend to try every piece of clothing at home first, just to see how long and covering it really is.Actually there is something you can choose more loose: the upper-wear.Otherwise not doing it can the same consequences than not wearing a hijab.

But don’t panic, many persian women in the bigger cities like Tehran also wear tighter, more colorful and more stylish trench coats. A little advice: Don’t mix up a Manto with a Chador, these black, huge cloaks, where the only thing that is uncovered is the woman’s face. The most important thing first: No legs, no arms, no skin!

Do you have to wear a headscarf as a Western woman in Iran? ” It’s just one single word and yet I have heard it so many times last May when travelling to Iran as a woman. When in Persia, it seems like everybody welcomes you to the country. I am not completely certain, if this is the famous Persian kindness or pure pleasure about the fact to spot a tourist that are rarely seen in a country of a very old high culture, but also a country that unfortunately is often mixed up with Taliban boot camps.

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