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05-Oct-2017 07:51

A variety of genres are made based on different tastes.

Some games are sweet and innocent -- others can be more not so sweet and mature.

The goal of all dating games is straightforward: establish a relationship with a character in the game through flirting, gift giving, interactions and other ways a typical person would do when trying to get a date in real life.

These games can range from simplistic plot lines to complex stories.

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It’s one of the biggest genres of Otome (games geared toward female market) known and often played by many teenagers and young adults.Characters include aspiring star Zen, billionaire director and heir Jumin, his assistant Jaehee and mysterious yet comical 707 and game addicted college student Yoosung.The game was a free download with in-app purchases, but the size of the game itself is rather huge: 357 megabytes to be exact (and sometimes more data needs to be downloaded to continue playing the game). It seems like a typical dating game about day to day life involving a messenger app similar to Facebook Messenger and our own phones.You, as the main character, decided to download a Messenger app and end up in a private chat room made up of the five characters you have a chance to interact with.

Eventually, you and the character you interact with the most will “develop” a relationship before meeting each other in person.

It will even sync up to your phone’s time and your time zone.