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But on the morning of that fateful day, everything changed.

At about am, a gang of young men wielding guns and other dangerous weapons stormed St.

Also commenting on the situation, Spokesperson for the Vaud Cantonal Police in Switzerland, Jean-Christophe Sauterel, said, “The Nigerian networks are organised.

They are very active and often at the head of the network.” In December 2016, the sentencing to 27 years in jail of a Nigerian drug lord, Precious Nwoko, in Cambodia was said to have given deeper insight into how Nigerians controlled the drug business in the Asian country.

Interviews with the couples, family members, and current and former Amish elders offer an inside look at an old world ceremony.

Nat Geo has shared a short clip of the show (I’ve posted it below), about Amish dating during “Rumspringa“. One is the Amish “elder’s” appearance for an on-camera interview (“elder” is the term National Geographic uses; I’m assuming they mean bishop or member of the ministry). In the clip, Keim speaks frankly about the consequences of premarital sex from a church standpoint, as his wife looks on.

Or it may just be one carriage trying to pass another. I also found the discussion of bed courtship, or “bundling”, interesting.

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They describe the show as: Three couples–two Amish and one ex-Amish–reveal courtship, engagement, and marriage among the Amish.“The numerous recent cases are the result of a determined campaign by the cantons to break down open street-level cocaine trafficking,” an illegal drugs expert at the Swiss Federal Police Office, Roger Flury, said.