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07-Mar-2018 19:57

You don’t look too well Rob, she replied hardly looking up from her VDU screen. Be at the address below for about 10.30 if you want to watch. There were six spy holes drilled through the brick wall.

Once I got home I looked through the documents for Andrea’s car and finally found the alarm code. Each about an inch round, I tentatively looked through a peephole into a stark room. What had started out as a wank fantasy was now turning into reality and my wife was going to be gang-banged in front of an audience. ” A small fat Jewish looking man called out, as his taller friend immediately poured them two coffees from the flask.

” As soon as I put my eye to the hole the door in the other room burst open and Andrea was dragged in by the man in the VW Golf and another tall, body builder type.

A pillowcase was over her head and her hands were fastened with some cord.

“It’ll be a laugh.” I thought, as I typed ‘Interested. You could be in business My heart gave a jump as I looked through my documents for something suitable. I found a message stuck onto my car windscreen asking me to call a mobile phone number. Err hello you left me a message to call you I said. She wears nice black lacy underwear, 34b tits and is nice and trimmed. I took a gulp from my coffee cup and composed myself. Suddenly a car flashed its headlights at me and I turned around. twats like you that like watching their wives getting fucked by real men.” What do you want from me? I need the alarm code of her car, all of her regular car journeys and I want to know when she is on her period as we don’t want to go to all this trouble when she’s on. She’s just finished her period I replied a bit too over eagerly, then I remembered what I was actually telling him. I’ll see you tonight.” I smiled and blew her a kiss.

I’m sick of having to wash this fucking place after you lot have been in here!

The men around me all cheered as the others started to grope and fondle her naked breasts. Lenny took advantage and pulled her tights and knickers down to her ankles, exposing her neatly trimmed pubes for the first time and making it difficult for her to move. she shouted, but her pleas fell on deaf ears, as four pairs of hands groped and slapped her naked flesh.

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