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In reality, you may indeed be enjoying playing the field, or perhaps trying to fine tune your approach..coming on too strong-- or needy and desperate.Either way, when you over-compensate by waiting too long, you can send very confusing signals to your potential dates. Play the field all you want, but be honest about your dating life.In a perfect world, you like someone, you contact them, and they either agree to go out with you, or they don't. So it’s understandable that you will strive to look strong and invulnerable.If you're female, you've been beaten over the head since you were a wee lass with the age-old advice that you should let a guy call you and make the first move. If you're male, ever since your hormones starting pinging, you've been trying to figure out how you're supposed to tell if a girl actually likes you enough to risk being rejected by making the first move..then how to proceed after she actually goes out with you. The thing is, you can use this strength and vulnerability to your advantage.

we tested, we learned that the truth is something quite different.We women spend too much time analyzing, make excuses about, or rationalizing men's dating behavior. At 4 pm, you get a text from him, telling you that he had a nice time too, and he hopes you have a great weekend.