Dating someone who used to be promiscuous

09-Jul-2017 08:55

More than half of men 24–35 report masturbating in the past four days, meanwhile: That’s twice the proportion of women who did so.

And this is one topic where Regnerus does have a plausible longitudinal comparison.

*** I highly recommend this book, but I’d like to begin with a caveat and a bit of a digression: Because Regnerus relies heavily on a single survey and recent interviews, he gives somewhat short shrift to trends over time.

Such trends were the focus of the psychologist Jean Twenge’s Few would deny that the Pill was a nuclear bomb detonated above the sexual marketplace, or that the fallout has continued for decades in the form of delayed marriage and childbearing and rising rates of women working.

A 1992 survey suggested that 29 percent of men age 18–24 masturbated at least weekly, while the (roughly) comparable number from Regnerus’s survey is 49 percent.

For women, the numbers are 9 percent and 32 percent.

In the 1990s and 2000s came widespread Internet connections, which facilitated easy access to both pornography and dating sites.

And in the 2010s came smartphone apps such as Tinder, which made it even easier for men and women looking for casual sex to find each other.

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Twenge estimates that sex-partner counts are falling too, with those born in the 1980s adding notches to their belts more slowly than those born in the 1970s did, and with those born in the 1990s racking ’em up even less rapidly.

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