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15-Jun-2018 15:45

They are closet racists against brown/black skin and deny it like cowards.Mixx The "fishbowl" story on the main page fits this post well.Sorry to hear about your misfortune, just goes to show ya that one needs to go to bars, countrie where your look might give you an advantage.Granted, exceptions do exist, but why would one want to go the hard way (for a challenge, of course sure) but its always easier with less resistance.I don't know how they would rank on the 1-10 scale but they qualified for me on Roosh's Boner Test.For any of you guys who like Latinas come visit Lima and hang out a while.

Even in some of the mid-sized cities I have had a bunch of resistance because the neighbors might see the girl with a gringo and this might harm her reputation.Every culture/race/nationality, has a mentality of their shit doesn't stink.Just like you mentioned previously a model like in colombia won't be seen with a white dude. Whether they admit it or not it can be nailed down to a preference thing. Not potentially letting you into clubs etc,, yeah that is racist, but girls not going for you because of your skin tone is not racism, its just preference. I had a friend who just got back from peru, she had a great time.However, being russian blonde had its plusses and minuses as well.

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Yes, she was rare and got the attention of many men, but also attracted negative attention for not looking local and was harrassed in a shady area of town.

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