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The film was Justin's audition for the American Film Institute. Neutra's client, who was a fitness expert, wanted the house to symbolize physical well-being. The house was included in the 1932 NY Museum of Modern Art exhibit that redefined the International style. In 1990 Neutra's wife Dione left the house to California Poly Pomona College of Environmental Design. Actor Charlie Chaplin used the house to hide from publicity in the early 1940's when dating the then-underage Oona O'Neill. Sold to Jeffrey and Jeanne Levy-Hinte who hired Biber Architects in association with Marmol-Radziner for a 2005 renovation. Later, Paul Hoag did a studio apartment addition, bottom photo. As she reports, the guest house "stands in the exact spot it was designed for and is enjoyed enormously by friends who previously only had day beds as an option for overnight stays." Interior color photos by Raymond Neutra. A studio building was added around 1979 (second photo from bottom). 1957 - The Maury Sorrells House, Old CA-127, Shoshone CA. After Neutra's death, Longstreth supervised the design and installation of an artist studio for Sarah Coveney in 1976, bringing the total square footage to 3,217. 1960 - The BEWO-Bau Gmb H Development I, Walldorf, Germany. Shortly thereafter, he demolished it (middle photos) touching off great controversy among historic preservationists in Southern California -- as the house was in pristine condition. On the upper floor, kitchens, closets, and maid's quarters line the west side, leaving the living room and master bedroom a panoramic view of the lake.

He got in but decided to continue a career as metalurgist and mechanical engineer The units were originally called the Jardin Apartments and were to be sited at Van Ness and Harold Way in Hollywood. The contractor took ownership and finished the job. In 1999 it was named one of the World Monument Fund's 100 Most Endangered Sites but as of 2010 the danger was over. Sten and Frenke bought the adjacent lot and combined it with theirs. , Brownsville TX, the state's first Modernist residence. Sold in 1995 to Peterson Conway whose remodels and additions removed much of the oringal Neutra design, including replacing the flat roof with a shed roof, adding on to the front of the house, and adding a connector building (lilac rooftop) between the garage and the studio (bottom photo). Most photos provided by the Blinks' granddaughter, Sally Shapiro.1941 - Avion Village, 800 Skyline Road, Dallas (Grand Prairie) TX. The entire development was finished in 100 days with the help of an on-site makeshift prefabrication plant. Sold in 1987 to Hugh and Joyce Syme.1954 - The Mountain Home AFB Housing, aka Capehart-Wherry, designed with Robert E. They designed 270 Capehart units, but more than 770 units were built during the first phases at MHAFB. Neutra designated a swimming pool which was never installed. Neutra's first housing development project in Europe after World War II, a dense estate of detached houses near Frankfurt Airport, later partly spoiled by subsequent alterations. The building was replaced by the house in the bottom photo, which Neutra's son Dion photographed in 2008., Des Moines IA. Neutra designed the unique platform concept but had disagreements with the developers who changed details of Neutra's plans) and withdrew from the project. Beckett finished the houses and did at least one more similar house at 2231 Gloaming, Beverly Hills, completed in 1961., Beverly Hills CA. Below, a garage, extra bedroom, and an added living space. 1970 - The Stettfurt House, aka the Jurgen Tillmann House, Thurgau, Switzerland.

In 1921 he worked as City Architect in the Planning Department of Luckenwalde, an industrial town in Germany.

He also worked briefly for architect Erich Mendelsohn in Berlin.

Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand based part of her character Howard Roark on Neutra in Architect Robert Evans Alexander joined Neutra and the firm became Neutra and Alexander from 1949-1959. When the Hills decided to move, Houchins decided, out of a fear of "hippies" moving in, to destroy the house immediately. He rented it to various tenants and in 1959 converted the garage into a second rental apartment. Not succeeding, they hired Neutra to do their own custom design. The owner consented to mothballing the house while arguments continue, and the house degrades, into 2016.

An agreement was made that Neutra would still design residential commissions within his own independent firm, while larger commercial and institutional commissions would be handled as Neutra and Alexander. The site became part of the horse farm which was later sold to developers.. Ain designed a kitchen remodel which was not built. Farrell sold it to a family who did awful alterations to break up the space into smaller spaces. Photos by Tony Kirk and David Royal., Lone Pine CA.

Alexander was actively involved in many multi-housing projects but only two single-family houses during that period: the Hall House and the Governor's house on Guam. In 1999, Hal Meltzer bought the house initially to restore but flipped a year later. Sold in thte late 1970's to art dealer Ruth Schaffner, heir to the Hart Schaffner and Marx company, who did a number of unfortunate modifications.

They broke up in 1959 when Alexander and Neutra disagreed over large-scale jobs. Sold in 2000 to Catherine Meyler whose first problem was keeping out the crack addicts who seemed to have taken up temporary residence. Sold around 1994 to Mitch Glazer and Kelly Lynch who did a restoration.

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With respectful wishes -- [Signed by fourteen students.]"In 1965, Neutra formally partnered with architect and son Dion Neutra as Richard and Dion Neutra and Associates. He died in Germany in 1970 while in the middle of an argument with a client, according to grandson Justin, who later made a short film about Neutra, listed on the left. Richard Neutra: An Interior View, a film by grandson Justin Neutra. It was the first US steel-framed house built in the International style and early example of the use of gunite (sprayed-on concrete). Once the house was built, Neutra conducted tours which attracted more than 15,000 visitors. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. Tragically, while Richard Neutra was on a speaking tour, the house burned in 1963. B/W photos are pre-fire provided by Raymond Neutra; color photos are post-fire and include the garden wing and the RIchard and Dion Neutra VDL II wing. Neutra expanded a Spanish-style house by putting on a second floor. Meyler had the original plans and it was constructed with little modification. The Daveys separated shortly after completion and sold it (ad above) to Lawrence and Anne Blinks. Walls of different heights and textures separate public and private entrances. Longstreth included built-ins in the same style in the expansion. Owned as of 2012 by architect Hilmer Goedeking who specializes in restoring Neutra houses. For unknown reasons, Luella, who died in 2002, resisted placing the house on the National Register of Historic Places, or incorporating restrictions into its title. Rotenberg in 2002 on the promise he would preserve it. Neutra oriented this two-story house to look out over Lake Maggiore above Ascona.Architect Chad Overway, still owner as of 2014, purchased the building from Schiff in 1993 and undid many of those changes. Featured in Arts and Architecture Magazine, September 1948. The restaurant became Geoffrey's in 1983 and its stunning ocean views make for memorable meals. Bottom two photos by Andrea Minton., Montecito area of Santa Barbara CA. Was headed for a teardown in 2004 when sold to Mark Seliger and restored by architect Sharon Johnston-Lee. Bottom two photos by Raymond Neutra., Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles CA. The first, 1995 to 1999, centered on the landscape/hardscape. Original landscape design by landscape architects, Lockwood de Forest and Ralph Stephens. Color photos by Patrick Denker, except for last two by Raymond Neutra. The upper floors were converted to private condos., Los Angeles CA. Despite objections from the owner, in 1988 the City of Los Angeles designated the building a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument. The lot was subdivided years ago and this house was renumbered to 1642. Sold in 2000 to Jeffrey Ayeroff and Marty Longbine. In 1997, a landslide lead to the failure of one slope. In 1999, it was purchased by the City Of Brownsville. Orson Welles, Rita Hayworth, Louise Reiner were also tenants here. After several years on the market, it was given to, Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles CA. Saved from destruction by the Hollywood Freeway expansion with relocation to Santa Monica Canyon. Sold in 2008 to Scott Lander who did a restoration. She frequently held ESP demonstrations with favorite psychic Richard Ireland. As of 2007, the owners were John Law and Hope Warschaw. In 1935, Neutra started the design for Jacqueline Johnson who owned two, and Clayton Stafford. Sold to developer Barbara Behm, aka Princess Blovana, in 2004 and moved (middle photo) in 2008 to a new site in Angelino Heights, Los Angeles CA. 1942 - The Pueblo del Rio Housing Project, 1801 East 53rd Street, South Los Angeles CA. Designed by Southeast Housing Architects Associated which included Neutra, Paul R. Kaufmann, Adrian Wilson, and the firm Wurdeman & Becket. Won a Distinguished Honor Award from the Southern California AIA in January 1947. It has been a dream to live here." Third photo by Sidney Baldwin. When Edgar Kaufmann died in 1955, the house was vacant for a number of years then sold to Francis C. The adjacent house burned, and Simon built a new house there in 2007, using this one as an office and guest house. Sold in 2004 to John Mack Faragher and Michele Hoffnung. Sold 18 days later to Ten 801 Chalon Road Holding Trust, controlled by Ford. The kitchen (last photo) was renovated - poorly, says son Dion Neutra. Foreclosed in January 2011 and sold to Soda Partners LLC for about M, according to Blockshopper LA. Sold in 2003 to architect Charles Scott Hughes who renovated and expanded it in 2005. Sold around 2005 to Hikaru Utada and Kazuhiro Iwashita. 1956 - The Alfred de Schulthess House, 19A #15012, Cubanacan Playa, Havana, Cuba. Raul Alvarez worked as supervising architect; Benno Fischer, Serge Koschin, John Blanton all worked on the architectural design. As of 1994, 62 of the homes are supposedly kept in the Neutra-spirit, and only five homes got major alterations. 1966 - The Ebelin Bucerius House, aka Casa Navegna, Via Val Resa, Brione sopra Minusio, Switzerland. It has been painstakingly and exquisitely restored and renovated.

In 2005, the City leased it for 99 years to the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College, who did a complete restoration (bottom photo). The northern set of 4 are condos while the southern set are still rentals. Around 1937 - A 20th Century Home for the Harnischfeger Corporation, Houses Division, Milwaukee WI. Available for rent as of 2012., in the Marina District of San Francisco. At 750 square feet, this house was moved to Los Altos City-owned land in November 2005 and is now a community center. Park, who sold it in 1962 to art dealer Joseph and Nelda Linsk. Sold in 2016 to LJWJCorona LLC, controlled by Lorna Jane and William Clarkson., Beverly Hills CA. Won first prize in House Garden's 1947 Architectural Awards. Sold to Wesley Glassell for about 20 years, who did a series of renovations. Sold in 2000 to Steve and Diann London who built an addition designed by Charles Kellogg and Dion Neutra. The eight-room house plus three-car garage is of wood frame and stucco construction. Restored by Marmol-Radziner (principal Ron Radziner, standing, next to Ford lying down). Kronish bought the property from actress Shirley Temple. Saved from demolition; sold in October 2011 for .8M to Hestia Properties LLC controlled by Stavros Niarchos III, young Greek shipping tycoon. Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx collaborated on the landscape design of the three-acre property.

Neutra and Schindler ended their partnership and co-residency and rarely interacted after that. Featured in the 1938 Book of Small Houses, Northridge CA. Movie director Von Sternberg famously insisted that there be no door locks on the bathrooms in case a temperamental actor or actress decided to kill themselves there. This was the first Modernist house in Palm Springs. According to Hauser, the addition, a peaked roof room with the planter and tiled floor, bottom photo, was not by Neutra. Sold in 2004 to Van Scott Jones and Thierry Marchand. Julius Shulman photographed the house in the summer of 1958. According to Patricia Leddy, construction was a group effort between her husband, an attorney, and his attorney friends working on the weekend like an old-fashioned barnraising. She transferred the property in March 2010 to a personal trust then to her wholly-owned LLC, Signal Hill LLC.

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