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24-Apr-2018 01:53

Chaldean Americans are a highly religious people proud of their Christian heritage.According to legend, they were converted to Christianity by the Apostle Thomas on one of his missionary journeys to the East. Addai, an associate of Thomas, is revered as a Chaldean patron.) In the third century, they were followers of Nestorius, a patriarch of Constantinople who was declared a heretic by the Roman Church for teaching that Jesus Christ was not concurrently God and man.As he and his wife become citizens, they arrange for the migration of their parents and siblings as well.And these, in turn, arrange to assist their spouses, in-laws, and other relatives. Under quota restrictions, only 100 immigrants from Iraq were allowed to enter the United States each year.It also had an established Middle Eastern community during this period, consisting primarily of Christian immigrants from Lebanon.In 1943 community sources listed 908 Chaldeans in the Detroit area; by 1963, this number had tripled, to about 3,000 persons.

The combination of religious freedom, an established Lebanese Moronite community, and economic opportunity made the United States, particularly metropolitan Detroit, inviting.

Close relatives may even provide money for passage.