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The goddess Freya is only mentioned in this module, there is no mention of Freya in the main game.

On the islands of Skellige, you’ll find priestesses still worshipping the old goddess Freya.

That of mother is most common, and sculptors chose to depict her thus in her greatest sanctuary in the Isles.

There she stands, a pregnant woman draped in loose robes, her face partially revealed, her head bent and her hands folded across her breast.

In addition to this temple, sprinkled throughout the isles are other, smaller places where one can worship the goddess and make offerings to her (...).

Freya Modron, the Great Mother, teaches us to put our faith in her no matter what life brings.

Freya or Freyja is the goddess of fertility, love and beauty, also known as the Great Mother.

Worshippers place offerings to the goddess before her statue, on an altar that incorporates a great stone basin surrounded by figurines of cats and falcons - her sacred animals.

A golden necklace hangs around her neck, and on it a large, pure diamond (Brisingamen) shines like a clear summer sky.

Freyja Modron, or Freya the Great Mother, is the goddess of fertility, love, beauty and abundance.

She most cherishes attachment to the land, family life and caring for animals, but also love and fertility.

Observing these values is the greatest tribute to the goddess.), but if gossip about same-sex models dating emerges, you can bet it’ll show up here sooner or later. The grey, washed out image of the American flag looks as if the flag were up in smoke or inside a war zone.