Big intimidating dogs

12-Jul-2017 17:06

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With enough attention, exercise, and space, the Leonberger makes an amazing family companion. Next to the Irish Wolfhound, the Great Dane is among the tallest dog breeds.

They were originally known as the German Mastiff and bred to be a guard dog.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is the cousin of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Like their cousin, they make wonderful family companions.

Also, neighbors may look askance in the street and even cross to the other side because “big” sometimes equals “dangerous” in people’s minds (though we know this isn’t fair).

So why is it totally worth the extra paper towels you have to buy for your jumbo-sized canine?

Greater Swiss Bernese Mountain Dogs are a gentle breed and get their size from their original job as farm dogs. A true protector, the Great Pyrenees makes a great family companion and watchdog.

They have a gentle disposition and absolutely adore their family.

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They weigh around 100-130 pounds and will make a great watchdog thanks to their size and looks.

They are surprisingly agile and make great exercise companions, and many of them are very mellow and actually can live in small spaces without it feeling cramped.