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16-Feb-2018 10:10

A glint of metal in the girl’s bra caught the guards eye. Miley was breathing a bit harder, even asleep she was enjoying what the guard was doing to her.

With a deft hand the guard reached the bit of metal he had noticed and with a flick of his fingers, unclasped Miley’s bra.

The guard went over to shake the girl awake when a much better idea occurred to him. There were no cameras down this hall or at this entrance.

The guard knelt by the sleeping girl and gently placed his hand above her leather covered knee. Hookers, drugs, any sort of special or private delivery, this was the entrance the hotel staff used.

Her video shoot had ran way longer than expected and now she just wanted to collapse in her bed and sleep.

“Not bad at all.” Miley’s tits were plump with plenty of jiggle to them.

The guard marveled at how smooth and silky they felt in his greedy hands.

In fact she was so tired she hadn’t even changed out of the outfit she wore in the video.

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She had just walked straight to the limo after the director had yell “cut”.The cups of the girl’s bra fell away from her tits, revealing the tender flesh underneath.